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Whitesboro Central School District Phase 3

Project Name:

Whitesboro Central School District Phase 3


Parkway Elementary- Total renovation of the boy’s and girl’s locker room with tasks that include asbestos abatement, concrete slab repair, relocated exterior window openings with masonry repairs, new openings, ceramic tile floors & walls, new fixtures and equipment. Locker rooms will be built to ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Also, the connecting corridors will be upgraded, and a new central office will be constructed within the existing locker room footprint.

High School- The work at this location will include significant storefront, curtainwall, and exterior glazing improvements. Asbestos containing glazing compound and caulk removal will be required as part of the pre-demolition work. In order to continue this work during the colder weather, heated scaffolding will be constructed as a general requirement, for work operations to proceed during the winter months.

Approx. Contract Amount:
$2.5 Million

Construction Services:
General Construction

MARCH Associates

Scope: General Construction Contract - Capital Improvement Project